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Our eclectic menu covers all tastes, and we never make anything that doesn't have a signature unique to "The Paw".  This year we've introduced BC Buffalo, Farm Fresh Bowron Eggs, Frog Friendly Organic Coffee, and new beers, some great new desserts, homemade pies and lunch items that are now available all day at the Frog On The Bog! In addition to our menu, we serve nightly specials which include items such a wonderful Mango Vegetable Curry, 5 Cheese Mediterranean lasagna, a Fragrant Moroccan Stew, our famous Thai Noodle, a new, fresh Vietnamese Salad, our rich Roasted Enchilada, and our signature Bear Paws. We have fresh green and a super Caesar salad, a new tangy Cole Slaw, and many of our meals are served with our signature roasted new potato and vegetable medley.

We have a unique drink menu which includes Italian sodas, Bear Paw Fizz's and Tropical Frogs, along with bold French Canadian beers, wines from around the world, and Sortilege - a maple syrup whiskey, specially procured for our restaurant. Our dessert menu includes many items unique to our restaurant, and although we take pride in the healthy and delicious dinners we produce, we make no such claims for the decadence of our home made desserts! Our cranberry carrot cake with cranberry cream cheese icing is our signature piece, but there's a lot of crazy desserts to satisfy the sweet spot!

The Bear's Paw . . . Experience it!

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